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Make sure your desired trademark is available before you apply.

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Before you apply to register a trademark, a search should always be conducted to confirm that your mark is available for registration. Your trademark does not have to be identical to a registered mark for the USPTO to refuse to register your mark - it only needs to look similar, sound similar, or convey a similar idea. Work with experienced trademark attorneys to prevent problems down the road. Avoid trademark infringement lawsuits and investing more time, money, and energy in a brand you may not be able to keep.


You fill out the law firm's online agreement and pay the flat fee by credit card.


The trademark attorney assigned to your case contacts you with any questions they may have and drafts the response to the USPTO. You review and sign the response.


Your trademark attorney files your response with the USPTO and keeps you updated on the case status.


Most Searches Delivered in 3-4 Business Days.

With every search, we review your mark against a database of all pending and registered federal trademarks for phonetic similarity, orthographic similarity, misspellings, vowel and consonant similarity, similar abbreviations and acronyms, and similar prefix, infix and suffix variations. We also search a wide variety of common law resources that include millions of online records and websites, casting a very wide net to find earlier users of your mark and similar trademarks. View a sample common law search report here.

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