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Trademark Enforcement Service

Stop unlawful use of your registered trademark and avoid costly litigation.

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Sending a cease and desist letter prematurely can be a mistake.

The first step before contacting a potential infringer with demands is to confirm that you have the right to do so. Work with experienced trademark attorneys, who will review the merits of your case. Should you have superior rights to your mark, your attorney will present the infringing party with a cease and desist letter. Your attorney will negotiate on your behalf to assert your rights and attempt to get the other party to cease use of your trademark.


You fill out the law firm's online agreement and pay the flat fee by credit card.


The trademark attorney assigned to your case contacts you with any questions they may have and drafts the letter to the infringer. You review the letter to the infringer before it is mailed.


The attorney mails the letter to the infringer via certified mail and negotiates on your behalf when they respond.


Most Letters Sent in 10-14 Business Days.

Many trademark disputes are settled out of court, as oftentimes both parties prefer to avoid the expenses associated with protracted litigation. Your trademark attorney will work to find common ground between the parties and negotiate an agreement that is consistent with the requirements of trademark law. Should both parties come to an understanding, the agreement should be reduced to writing, using the settlement drafting service.

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