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Trademark Application Service

Have a skilled trademark attorney perform a search, draft, file, and monitor the status your new trademark application.

RESEARCH Trademark applications filed by attorneys are 50% more likely to register than the do-it-yourself option. See the Stanford Technology Law Review study.
$175+gov fees
Attorney Consultation
Drafting and Filing
Status Updates
Search of Federal Trademarks
$475+gov fees
Attorney Consultation
Drafting and Filing
Status Updates
Search of Federal Trademarks
Common Law Trademark Search
$675+gov fees
Attorney Consultation
Drafting and Filing
Status Updates
Search of Federal Trademarks
Common Law Trademark Search
Filed in 24 Business Hours

Included with Every Bronze, Silver, and Gold Order:

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Focused, Cost Effective Advice

It is essential that any trademark application cover the most important sources of business revenue. Work with experienced attorneys to acquire the broadest protection of your trademark for the lowest possible cost.

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Responsive and Organized Service

With the experience of thousands of trademark applications filed, our processes and systems of communication have been optimized to be efficient and as thorough as possible.

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Attention to Detail

A majority of self-filed trademark applications fail to register because of simple mistakes in filing or searching. Collaborating with an experienced trademark attorney will help you avoid frustration and wasted, non-refundable government filing fees.

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Timely, Relevant Updates

On average it takes 8-12 months for a trademark to register, which is just long enough for the very busy business owner to forget about it. You’ll be notified whenever there is event that requires your attention.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does the consultation work?

After you place your order you will be sent a brief intake questionnaire. The attorney assigned to your application will review your answers. They will ask you any questions that they may have and you can complete the consultation process by email or by scheduling a phone consult with your attorney directly.

What should I trademark?

You should trademark your most important aspects of your brand identity first. For most companies, that will be the public name of their product or service (for example, NIKE). After the brand is protected, the company logo should be trademarked (the or example Nike swish design). Finally, any important tagline or slogans should be filed (for example, JUST DO IT). All three examples (brand, logo, and tagline) will require their own trademark application.

What is a federal trademark search?

A trademark search, for it to be effective, needs to search for registered trademarks that look similar, sound similar, or present similar ideas to your desired mark. It’s far more in-depth than simply looking for registered trademarks that are 100% identical to your own. This is the same type of search your trademark examiner at the USPTO will perform to determine if they will allow your mark to register or not.

What is a common law trademark search?

The trademark examiner at the UPSTO will only search for marks that are officially registered with the federal government. However, many companies never register their trademarks with the federal government. These unregistered users still have trademark rights under state law that they could enforce against you, even if you get a federal trademark. A common law trademark search attempts to find these unregistered users by searching through a variety of databases so that you do not invest in a brand you ultimately can’t keep because of an earlier common law user. It is highly recommended.

How much are government fees?

The vast majority of businesses are able to file their trademark applications covering a single class of goods or services. Furthermore, the trademark attorney you will be working will make every attempt to qualify your application for the USPTO’s discounted $225 government fling fee rate. Only in rare cases, or in very unique circumstances, will government fees cost more than $225.

How long does this process take?

We are able to file most trademark applications within 3-4 business days, once you have provided us all the information we require in our intake form and during follow up consultation with your attorney. If you have ordered a Gold package, your order will be expedited and prioritized so that it is filed within 24 business hours or less. Most trademarks will register in 8-12 months simply as the USPTO is very slow.

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