Trademark Application Service

Have a skilled trademark attorney perform a search and draft, file
and track your new trademark application.

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Flat Fee Only $165 in Legal Fees. Work with Top Trademark Attorneys. See how it works.

Improve Your Chances

Every single line of a trademark application has legal significance.

Trademark applications prepared by experienced trademark attorneys are 60% more likely to pass the review process than those prepared by non-attorneys. Work with experienced trademark attorneys to give your application the best possible chance of registering.

1. Engagement Agreement

You fill out the law firm's online agreement and pay the flat fee by credit card.

2. Collaboration

The trademark attorney assigned to your file contacts you with questions about your mark. You review and sign the trademark application and pay the associated government fees.

3. Application Filed

Your trademark attorney files your application with the USPTO and keeps you updated on the status of the application.

Three Easy Steps

Most Applications Filed in 3-4 Business Days.

It takes the USPTO approximately three months from the time your new trademark application is filed to review the application. While you wait, you can rest assured that your application is in good hands - your trademark attorney is listed as the attorney of record on your application and will contact you if any problems emerge during the review process. Your attorney will also contact you once your trademark registers. You will never have to deal with the USPTO directly.

Give Your Trademark Application The Best Chance of Registering

Have a Trademark Attorney Perform a Search and Draft, File and Track Your New Trademark Application.

Fill Out The Engagement Agreement