Statement of Use Service

Prove that you are using your trademark in commerce
or file for a 6-month extension of time.

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Flat Fee Only $125 in Legal Fees. Work with Top Trademark Attorneys. See how it works.

Improve Your Chances

Avoid making the fatal error of claiming use in commerce too early.

Some mistakes can't be fixed. Filing a Statement of Use before you have actually starting using your trademark in commerce can lead to an invalid trademark registration that can't be enforced. Trademark applicants represented by an experienced trademark attorney are 50% more likely to get their marks registered than unrepresented applicants. Give your application the best possible chance of registering by working with experienced trademark attorneys.

1. Engagement Agreement

You fill out the law firm's online agreement and pay the flat fee by credit card.

2. Collaboration

The trademark attorney assigned to your case contacts you with any questions they may have and drafts the response to the USPTO. You review and sign the response.

3. Response Filed

Your trademark attorney files your response with the USPTO and keeps you updated on the case status.

Three Easy Steps

Most Responses Filed in 3-4 Business Days.

Trademark rights are based on the fact that consumers recognize your brand name, slogan, or logo to represent a certain standard of quality. As a result, it is not possible to register a trademark until your goods or services are available on the marketplace and have been sold to consumers, appropriately displaying your trademark. Providing sufficient evidence that the trademark's owner is using the trademark in commerce is often difficult.

Have an Attorney Review the Use of Your Trademark

Avoid Making the Fatal Error of Claiming Use in Commerce Too Early

Fill Out The Engagement Agreement