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Consult Before You Start - Speak with a Trademark Attorney

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Every paid trademark service includes a 15 minute attorney consult free. In the event that it does not make sense to pursue your trademark project, you're protected by our Fair Shake Guarantee™.

Frequently Asked Questions

What can we cover in 15 minutes?

An attorney can offer big picture advice on how best to protect a new brand name. They can also help you formulate a strategy to get around a difficult trademark refusal. Note that 15-minute consult is included in the price of every paid trademark service, so you can save on consult fees by starting a project first. You're protected by our Fair Shake Guarantee™.

When should I schedule 30 minutes?

If you have been accused of trademark infringement or have found an infringer of your trademark, a 30-minute consult will be necessary to preliminarily review your options and assess your case. It is not possible to adequately discuss an infringement issue in 15 minutes due to the complexity of these situations.

Can I ask you about other areas of law?

You can ask, but you will be speaking with attorneys who have focused their practices on federal trademark law. For questions unrelated to federal trademark law, they will most likely only be able to direct you to seek input from an attorney with a different specialty. They will not be able to provide tax advice or any advice relating to state law.

What if we have already worked with you before?

There is no charge for follow-up consults about a trademark for which you have already paid (unless you have a trademark infringement issue, which will require a 30-minute paid consult). If you are looking to start a new project, you can speak with sales to review any basic questions you may have-or simply fill out the appropriate engagement agreement and speak with an attorney as part of a paid service package. You're protected by our Fair Shake Guarantee™.

Can I chose the attorney?

Absolutely. There attorneys on both the East and West Coasts who are available Monday through Friday during normal business hours. Some attorneys may have more availability than others based on their workloads and other responsibilities. Consults are available in English and Spanish.

What if I go over the alloted time?

Attorneys offer their consultation services for a flat rate and do not bill you by the minute. However, it is important that you try to stick to the allotted time. Further, we ask that you are available at the time you select and give 24 hours' notice should you need to cancel your appointment.

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