Settlement Negotiation Service

If you have been accused of trademark infringement,
work with an attorney to defend your rights.

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Improve Your Chances

Many trademark disputes can be resolved if the other party knows you're prepared to fight back.

Many trademark disputes are settled out of court, as oftentimes both parties prefer to avoid the expenses associated with protracted litigation. Your attorney will work to find common ground between the parties and negotiate an agreement that is consistent with the requirements of trademark law. Work with experienced trademark attorneys to defend your rights.

1. Engagement Agreement

You fill out the law firm's online agreement and pay the flat fee by credit card.

2. Collaboration

The trademark attorney assigned to your case contacts you to discuss your goals and present ideas about how the dispute can be settled.

3. Negotiation

Your trademark attorney negotiates on your behalf with the other party and attempts to end the dispute.

Three Easy Steps

Most Responses to Opposing Counsel Sent in 10-14 Business Days.

Your trademark attorney works with you and opposing counsel to develop a list of common sense steps both parties can take to avoid consumer confusion in the marketplace. Should both parties come to an understanding, the agreement should be reduced to writing, with the settlement drafting service.

Put an End To Your Trademark Dispute

Work with an Experienced Trademark Attorney to Defend Your Rights

Fill Out The Engagement Agreement