MarkSmart® Trademark Monitoring

Protect your brand. Track new trademark applications
for possible infringers, automatically.

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Stop Infringers Early

Relying on the Trademark Office alone to protect your registered marks can be risky - and may cost you.

The examiners at the Trademark Office are great, but they aren't perfect. If you aren't monitoring new trademark applications, you run a significant risk of a mark similar to your own registering. The longer you wait to enforce your trademark, the more invested the infringer becomes, and the more expensive it will be for you to get them to adopt another trademark.

1. Engagement Agreement

You fill out the law firm's online agreement and pay the annual subscription by credit card.

2. Search Strategy

The trademark attorney assigned to your file reviews your trademark and develops a search strategy to find new applications that cover related goods and services.

3. Reports Every Two Weeks

You receive a report every two weeks listing any newly filed trademark applications that sound similar to your registration and cover similar goods and services. See a sample MarkSmart® report.

Three Easy Steps

Quick Action Gets Better Results.

Once an infringing trademark is found, a trademark attorney can help you file a Letter of Protest so that the USPTO may issue a refusal to register the infringing mark. A trademark attorney can also assist you in sending a cease and desist letter which can prevent costly litigation and work to negotiate and draft a settlement agreement between you and the infringer requiring them to adopt a different trademark.

Protect Your Registered Trademark From Infringers

Catch Problems Early. Stop Infringement for the Lowest Possible Cost.

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