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Attorneys When You Need Them. Self Help When You Don't.

RESEARCH Trademark applications filed by attorneys are 50% more likely to register than the do-it-yourself option.
See the Stanford Technology Law Review study.

Not All Business Filings are Equally Complex

Many required business filings are predictable - you just provide the required information and fees and your filing is accepted. Other types of filings, like trademark applications, undergo a subjective review process and are approved only if a government attorney decides to approve them. will connect you with incorporation specialists for routine filings with your state's Secretary of State and independent trademark attorneys to help you navigate the challenges of filing with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office.

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Incorporation Specialists for the Basics

Routine state filings, like forming an LLC or annual reports, are filed by paralegal specialists, saving you considerable legal fees. From registered agent service to obtaining your Federal Tax ID, we have you covered.

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Trademark Attorneys for the USPTO

An experienced trademark attorney is far more likely to suceeed in registering a trademark than someone representing themselves. We'll connect you with independent trademark attorneys, and you'll save by doing it right the first time.

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