It is easier than ever to start a business on a minimal budget, with little time and no staff. Writing a business plan may seem unnecessary. But if you would like to see your idea thrive, start writing your business plan now. Here’s why you should get started:


Spending time to outline the structure, purpose and trajectory of your business will pay off in the end. Inevitably, you will come across unanswered questions or areas of the business that you need to explore further. Mapping out your plans for the future of your business clarifies where you need to be in 6 months and 6 years. Think it through! Now is the time to get things right.


A business plan should spell out specific goals and objectives to guide you through the next steps of growth. It’s easy to get caught up in the day to day and lose sight of the end goal. Your plan can help you stay focused on strategies which should boost or stabilize revenues.

Market Research

Your business plan should include detailed research to help you understand the market that you’re entering. Include information about direct and indirect competitors. Include information about your customers. By understanding the type of customer you're trying to target and their habits, you can better tailor your pitch.


Here is your opportunity to double check all of the math. Do the numbers work? Will you meet your projections for revenue? Your business may not be profitable for some time. It is critical that you manage your cash flow effectively to avoid insolvency.


Many small businesses need support from outside investors to get up and running. A well researched business plan with realistic financial forecasts and accurate figures will help you to build your case to investors. People need to be assured that their money is being used wisely and coming back to them. Including details about your research and how you arrived at your forecasts is critical.

Create Benchmarks

Your plan should be thoughtful and reflective of your best knowledge to date. You can alter your plan based on shifts in the market, your revenue stream, or a change in what you are able to provide to consumers. Re-evaluate and re-write your business plan making adjustments where needed and forge ahead.

Your business plan should be a tool that you use for operations, self-management and guidance. There are examples and outlines available online to help get you started down your path!


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